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Where would we be without plumbers?

Plumbing is a centuries old industry that allows people to have sanitation, water, and heat. It began with the Greeks and the Romans, who used pipes to transport water to their baths, and developed alongside civilisation. Plumbing concerns the conveyance of fluids for a number of applications, including heating and cooling, waste removal, and potable water distribution.

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Urban living

Plumbing has enabled people to live close together, and yet still maintain a level of hygiene and privacy that was impossible before the birth of indoor plumbing. In the modern world, piped systems use valves, joints, and tanks to convey fluids, and the field of plumbing incorporates several trades, namely boilermakers, plumbers and pipe fitters. In the developed world, a good plumbing infrastructure is essential for sanitation and good public health.

Heating systems

Gas heated water is pumped around a series of pipes that run through a house, and this is called central heating. If you are looking for a gas hot water system in Perth, there is a range of top quality units to suit every property. Gas powered central heating is the preferred method of heating a domestic home, which means that plumbers are kept very busy.

The role of a plumber

Apart from fixing leaks, a plumber can create water pipe systems that run through a house, and extend to connect new rooms or appliances to the water system. For central heating systems, plumbers are responsible for the storage and flow of the hot water in the system. Plumbers often have boiler experience, so repairing the boiler unit on a heating system would be within their capability.

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Burst pipes

Hopefully you will never have to experience a burst water pipe, but if you ever do, you will be thankful to see a plumber. Ruptured water pipes can cause extensive damage, so it is imperative to stop the water flow as quickly as possible.

Waste water

Plumbers also deal with waste water, and regularly encounter blocked drainage systems, so they will always carry equipment to clear these obstructions. Blocked drains are a regular occurrence with natural debris such as leaves and branches, mixing with man-made litter that has managed to get into the system.

New installations

A plumber would be able to install a new gas or electric heating system in a home, and many specialise in this work, rather than repairs. In Western Australia, there are plumbing companies that specialise in all kinds of commercial and domestic water systems, and are always happy to help, even with a small project like plumbing in a washing machine.

Water conservation

Plumbers are more aware of water conservation than the average person, as they work with water on a daily basis. Rainwater harvesting systems are popular, as they utilise excess rainwater from the guttering and it is recycled. Leak detection services are also a role for a plumber, and it is essential that water leaks are discovered early, not only for the damage it might cause, but also for the vast amounts of wasted water that can result from a leaking water pipe.

The next time you need a plumber, spare a thought for the multi-talented tradesperson that fixes your leak, as their work is extensive and demanding.

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