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Modern Solutions for Security Fencing

Security fences have long been used to either keep people or animals, in or out, depending on the situation, and in the modern world, the need is just as great, if not more so.  Commercial warehouses need to offer a deterrent to anyone trying to access the goods inside, and a strong fence goes a long way towards achieving that.

Modern Solutions for Security Fencing

Chain mesh fencing

Also known as wire-mesh, or chain-link fencing, this is a woven fence made from galvanised or coated steel wire. These are popular screening choices for tennis courts, and other ball-sports arenas, as the spectator’s visibility is not hampered, and with the right sized mesh, the ball is contained. Chain mesh fencing is cheap to install and hard wearing, which makes it a popular choice for parks and schools. For a range of top quality fencing supplies, an online search will help you source a supplier in your area.

Barb wire fencing

The big daddy of security fencing, a few strands of this is enough to deter even the most serious intruder. A person or animal trying to go through, or over barbed wire, would more than likely injure themselves, so it is a cost-effective way to protect an area. This is popular with farmers, who have long stretches of boundaries to protect, and it is relatively cheap to install. Posts are driven into the ground at regular intervals, and the wire is held in place with staples, which allows several strands to be laid, if necessary. Used in prisons and on military bases where security is tight, and with several rolls of barbed wire spread over ten metres, you have an effective barrier.

Modern Solutions for Security Fencing1

Galvanised Pipe fencing

This is seen along pathways, and in sports stadiums as a guide for spectators, and to prepare them for single file queueing. Strong and light, the pipes connect to posts via a special bracket, which can be aligned at any angle, to suit the terrain. Often seen alongside steps, as a handrail, these can also be made from stainless steel, and come in a range of diameters. These fences can consist of two, or even three rows, spread at equal intervals, for added protection.

Thin wire fencing

Used mainly as a low level solution, thin wire can protect garden borders and vegetable patches, and is used extensively in the agriculture industry. This is ideal to protect a young tree from deer or other animals that would destroy it. Due to its simplicity, wire fencing is the most cost-effective way to secure an area, and with a multitude of uses, is one of the most popular security fencing solutions.

Universal applications

Security fencing is needed everywhere, the high street, the factory, the sports stadium, and the park. The methods are varied, and with technology enabling lighter and stronger materials, fencing is taking on a new look. If you have a need for security fencing, consult the experts who will be very happy to advise you on the best solution.

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