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Kid-Friendly Bathroom Decorating Tips

When it comes to kids in bathrooms, it is important to decorate in a way that is both fun and functional for these little ones. Finding a balance between the two can be difficult, especially when every bathroom design is unique. For stylish spaces, start by looking at a bathroom design gallery like langskitchens.com/bathrooms/ but, for kid-specific bathroom enhancements, these tips offer great suggestions to ensure that their bathroom feels a bit more user friendly.


1)     Height Is An Issue

For kids, everything seems to be just out of reach. The sink faucet is hard to reach, the soap is hard to reach, and even the toilet can be hard to sit on if your feet don’t touch the ground. There are two ways to give your kids what they need. You can either lower the height of everything in the bathroom, or you can use a more temporary fix and give the kids a little boost in their height. Adding step stools or steps in areas where they need them can be a great way to keep a bathroom clean and functional.

2)     Combine Organization With Decoration

Look for great storage items that are fun such as toothbrush holders that coincide with the theme of the bathroom. If you can’t find something you really love, try using a favorite toy as an organizational tool. Keep in mind that each child should have their own items in their own space will save you loads of headaches. Something as easy as a mason jar to hold toothbrush and toothpaste etc. for each child will help keep the peace.


3)     Let Their Feet Touch While On The Potty

Have you ever tried to go to the bathroom with your feet in the air? It isn’t very comfortable and you feel off balance the entire time. It makes it difficult to relax. Adding a step stool in front of the toilet will make the going easier. There are plenty of DIY projects or just buy something in a character that will match your theme.

4)     Hooks vs. Towel Racks

If your goal is to keep towels off the floor and hung in a moderately fashion, you may want to install hooks rather than towel racks. Children can easily use a hook if they are hung at the appropriate height. These will keep the bathroom less cluttered and keep the laundry loads lower.


5)     Keep Durability In Mind

Kids can be rough on a bathroom. Water, toothpaste, and other grossness can be tough to tame. When you are decorating a kid’s bathroom, find materials that are easy to clean. Use satin wall paint, scratch resistant counter tops, and hardwearing tiles. You can thank us later.

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